and ABBREVIATION DICTIONARY Networks and Telecommunications/Electronics -->Y,Z ~ all in all

ABBREVIATION DICTIONARY Networks and Telecommunications/Electronics -->Y,Z


Year 2000. Feared for potential computer problems.


Started with the program PKZIP which reduces the size of a file by as much as 90 percent. You can then transmit the zipped file over a phone line, and at the other end, the recipient can run PKUNZIP and the file returns to its original size.

Zombie Route
A route that has been deleted from the main routing table. To cause neighboring routers to flush the route from their tables, a zombie route is advertised with an infinite metric (16) for a period of 2 minutes.

An AppleTalk entity that enables you to organize the services available on your network.

Zone List
A list of up to 32 AppleTalk zone names for the local network. Each name consists of up to 32 characters, including embedded spaces. The characters must be in the standard printing character set, and must not include an asterisk (*).

Zone Of Authority
Term used in the Internet domain name system to refer to the group of names for which a given name server is an authority. Two name servers must supply each zone that has no common point of failure.





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