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Emoticon in instant message

You won't find these in the emoticon menu, but you can send them by typing the symbols directly into an instant message.

    :o3    puppy dog eyes
    :-??    I don't know - New!
    %-(    not listening - New!
    :@)    pig
    3:-O    cow
    :(|)    monkey
    ~:>    chicken
    @};-    rose
    %%-    good luck
    **==    flag
    (~~)    pumpkin
    ~O)    coffee
    *-:)    idea
    8-X    skull
    =:)    bug
    >-)    alien
    :-L    frustrated
    [- O<    praying
    $-)    money eyes
    :-"    whistling
    b-(    feeling beat up
    :)>-    peace sign
    [-X    shame on you
    \:D/    dancing
    >:/    bring it on
    ;))    hee hee
    :-@    chatterbox
    ^:)^    not worthy
    :-j    oh go on
    (*)    star
    o->    hiro
    o=>    billy
    o-+    april
    (%)    yin yang




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